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What Do We Offer?

Weekly Classes

Clinics & Camps

Individual Appointments

What are weekly classes?

We have four group sessions:

1. Rookies (8-12 year olds)
2. Emerging (13-15 year olds)
3. Development (16-18 year olds)
4. Select (Invite-only)

We also offer Shooting Classes (all ages) and Girls Only Classes throughout the week. 

Once you register for a membership and have come to a couple of classes, we will place you into the group that best fits your skill level.

Where are we located?

1. North Sydney (SHORE School)
2. Hornsby (Asquith Girl’s High School)
3. Auburn (PCYC – Coming in March)
4. Randwick (Coming in July)
5. Marrickville (Coming in July)

What are our Clinics & Seminars?

We still have our popular holiday camps available for everyone. But, now we also offer clinics and seminars throughout the school term.

We have various types of clinics, including:

1. J-Train Basketball Strength, Pre-hab & Jumping
2. Free NCAA Eligibility Seminars
3. Learn-to-Shoot Clinics
4. Advanced Shooting Skills Clinics

How Much is a Membership?

Long Term Membership
Activation Fee: $50
Weekly Dues: $14.95
Commitment: 12 months

Flexible Membership
Activation Fee: $100
Weekly Dues: $23.50
Commitment: 12 weeks

ONLY 100 Memberships Available at Initial Release.

What Else Do You Get With a Membership?

1. 50% off our popular school holiday camps & clinics
2. Weekly supplementary information that supports what was taught by our coaches that week in classes
3. A free training singlet
4. Access to our Membership App

Multiple Locations

Top Notch Coaches

It’s just like a gym membership, but for basketball practice.

You can go to as many different classes as you want, multiple times each week, in your local area.

And still only pay $14.95 a week.

Age Specific Classes

What is a Training Membership?

Become a Member Now From only $14.95 per week

Don't Need to Ask Any Questions?

Affordable for All

Become a Member Now From only $14.95 per week

Don't Need to Ask Any Questions?

In this free seminar in North Sydney, we will go over the eligibility basics to make sure you are on track to be able to play college basketball in the US.

This information will be VITAL to ensure you are not making avoidable mistakes that will ruin your ability to play college basketball.
Limited seats available.

Ideal for players who are:
Year 8 - 12

Saturday April 8th at SHORE School in North Sydney

12:00 - 1:30pm

*Read below about our membership

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"He has come home every day and still goes straight outside and shoots more (yes even in the rain!). He tells me lots of stories about the experiences the USA coaches have had and seems to enjoy hearing all about them and I hear lots about new moves and things he has learnt. So my only feedback would be keep doing what you’re doing because it is working well and you have one enthusiastic little camper"
- Linda Lamport

"I am sure you guys have been told this many times but what you do is truly great, how you do it is equally impressive... the environment that you surround these kids in is something that will never been found where we come from. From a family that is in awe of your commitment to kids that want to achieve, we are definitely thankful for being given the opportunity to have our son in your care over the past couple of months."
- Deanne Parslow

"We're very grateful having our son in AUSA this past year. It's been a big boost in his confidence, skills and exposure, and we all can acknowledge that AUSA has had big role is his recent success. A BIG THANK YOU!!"
- Tom Harvey

"It was fantastic to see them train as hard as they did and leave the gym at the end of the day with huge smiles on their faces. The first question they asked was 'When can we train with these guys again?'. The individual feedback and tips on how to improve their game was priceless - my boys learnt more in the two days at your camp than many other players learn over months of unfocused training."
-Tom Kozlowski

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